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Man From Cox's River Q&A
"The Man from Coxs River" Q & A Screening
As part of the 2015 Hurstville Council Discovery Festival, Film-makers Russell Kilbey and Amy Scully attended a special Film Seen screening of their award winning film "The Man From Cox's River". Our members loved the film, eagerly participated in the following Q & A Session and enjoyed talking to Russell and Amy during afternoon tea.

In 2004 local film enthusiasts, with the generous support of Hurstville City Council and key sponsors, established a local, non-profit community cinema for the St. George region.

There was a great need for a film group to quench local film enthusiasts' desire for a forum that allows for the viewing and discussion of a variety of films.

The Film Seen promotes appreciation of a wide range of culturally diverse films, which are of particular interest to the locals residing in the St. George area. These include foreign films, independent films, arthouse films, classics and short/feature films by local film makers. Screenings are monthly.

Rather than a passive activity, film viewing at the Film Seen is interactive, with discussions following the films, special guest speakers and tea and coffee.


Georges River Council      Lugarno Seafood Restaurant

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Sunday 17 September 2017
1:00 pm

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